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A big thank you to all colleagues in the Asia/ANZ cluster for your
great effort and contribution in 2015! This year has been exceptionally meaningful to all of us, as we began to write the first page of our Baxalta history book. Your collaboration and cooperation has played a valuable role in improving the standard of care for your patients, and increased the corporate image of Baxalta among stakeholders. 

We look forward to continue another fruitful year of collaboration.
Keep our Baxalta spark alive and enjoy your holidays!

From Asia/ANZ cluster regional marketing team:
Linda Seah, Jiyoung Kim & Amitajyoti Ghosal
Regional Marketing Highlights
AP P5 Country training

74 participants across the AP region gathered in Singapore from May 5 to 7 under the theme "Getting Closer" for the AP P5 country training this year. The teams were trained in a new strategic framework - Red thread thinking, to help them develop a more connected and integrated plan.
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P5 Country Plan Review

With the P5 completed, countries teams developed their 2016 P5s country plans with their newly available tools.

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Taiwan WAR-GAMING Workshop

18 participants gathered in Taipei for a wargaming workshop on the 21st and 22nd of September. The key agenda was to develop action plans for a more competitive mindset.
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P5 Country Plan Review

20th November this year, 16 participants from India's cross-functional and regional teams conducted India WARGAME Workshop to prepare for ADVATE flawless launch with the goal of developing a robust defensive plan against a new competitor.
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Global Hemophilia Acceleration Summit (GHAS)

On the 7 to 11 September, 2015, over 350 participants from over 40 countries converged in Valencia, Spain. The first Global Hemophilia Acceleration Summit delivered the excitement of Baxalta and drove our core value to customer facing teams.
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Strategy Deep Dive Workshop

5 intensive workshops across 5 countries to achieve success in mid/long-term strategic alignments between country and regional teams.
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2015 AP regional meeting

Our very first AP regional meeting under the name of Baxalta. Global & ITC colleagues were present to help reinforce the strategic alignment within our cluster.
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AP Hemophilia Train-the-trainer

The first AP Hemophilia Train-the-Trainer meeting was held with more than 30 participants from marketing, medical and cross-functional teams, across 3 days of well-received intensive training.
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Cross-functional teams from Marketing, Medical Affairs and Patient Access conducted Korea’s RIXUBIS workshop for its launch in June, 2016, with Grant Peterson, Global Marketing director, Nirjhar Chatterjee, Global Medical director, and RIXUBIS taking time to facilitate.
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Hemophilia Marketers’ Forum

The regional marketing team held a 2-day forum in Seoul from 9 to 10 Dec. 6 participants from ANZ, Korea and Taiwan came together to share their experiences, best practices and offer advice for their 2016 programs.
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